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For a young voter, still trying to make up your political mind while following primary and election coverage can be a real head-trip. When a candidate makes a statement or there’s an issue, you have one expert on this outlet going in depth putting their spin on something, then you change the channel, radio station or pick up another newspaper and you have another expert on the other side spinning it to fit his agenda.

I really, really hate picking political sides but if I had to register as one I would pick conservative. I like the idea of big brother staying out of my business and the idea of succeeding or failing on my own without a large government entity restricting me. With that said here are the things that confuse me about conservatives, which have really made me leery of fully committing.

1. Gay Marriage-I feel should be completely separate as religious and political issues with the whole separation of church and state. The argument has been made that the language of the first amendment is vague and doesn't specifically say "separation of church and state" but it does say

'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

So who’s to stop someone from starting a religion where it’s against the rules to marry straight? Extreme I know all I’m saying is that for every loophole there’s another loophole. My main argument would be whatever happened to keep the government out of our business? Isn't this a violation of that, when there’s a law telling folks who they can and cannot marry? Some guys like Blondes some like Brunettes, myself I seem to be partial to brunettes. Marrying Blondes is legal but it doesn't mean I have to marry one if I choose to marry a brunette, are the law makers saying the only thing keeping us straight is the law?

2. Stem Cell Research-This one is very frustrating because I see it as a great opportunity for compromise. The right could easily say, "we want abortion outlawed and we'll keep working to overturn roe v wade but in the mean time why don't we try to turn the loss of life into a positive and maybe save someone else's?" Whether you're for abortion or against it, it's legal. There are fetuses being aborted and right now they're just being disposed of, what would the harm be in using them to try to improve the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's disease? I think the fear is that abortions would go up or perhaps that’s an argument that’s used because a compromise on this issue would give off the impression of inconsistency.

3. Abortion and Welfare-People have their morals and religious beliefs which they have every right to. Morally I feel ending a human life before it begins is wrong, accidents happen but the majority of stories I hear are from people who couldn't stop and think for a second in the heat of passion and traded the next 18 years in for a few minutes of fun. That being said I think having abortion, as a legal option is a lot more constitutional than outlawing it, going back to the whole "keep the government out of my business" ideal. If one were morally opposed to abortion they would be free to choose not to have one. I'm confused about how a party could be trying so hard to reduce the amount of people on welfare but force people who are incapable of a.) Making sound rational decision b.) Supporting themselves let alone a child financially to have the kids anyway. If abortion were legal wouldn't there be fewer mouths to feed on the government's dime?

Digging out of a financial hole

Allright so I've been reading these money management blogs about people trying to stretch a dollar over a week so I figured since I have effed myself finacially It would be fun to do one myself for shits and giggles. Over the past few nights Pat co-host of Fatty and the Ego and one of my best buddies has been making a big deal of himself like he always does for his birthday and has made it a month long celebration of all things him. So over the past 2 nights between the Bar and the Deja Vu I've spent about 200 dollars. Which has left me with 196 dollars in my bank account. Usually I have a lot more than this but the past few weeks I've been lazy and have been eating out instead of shopping for my own food while i'm at work and school. I will keep these entries as a reminder to myself how paying for convienence fucks you

Money in the bank: $196

Car Insurance Check -$82
not on bank statement:

Other money not on -$10
statement yet:
Money Left in Bank $104

This should be enough to live off for a week most of the time

The Car needs an oil change -$40

Credit card Bill due Feb 21st -$40
Money Left in Bank $24

Gas ??
Money Left in the bank $Fucked

This is the Problem with getting paid Bi-weekly, your bank account isn't replenished every seven days. If i were paid Weekly I would be in good shape because as soon as Friday Hits

Pay from Both Jobs: $500ish

Tax Return Which $330
should show up
this week:
Money Left in $830
the bank:

Bills due
Car $225
Phone $112.19
Other Credit $250 (Hidden Fees will kill you)
Personal Loan $220
Money Left $22.81

This will be an adventure and hopefully a lesson to never fall into the trap of paying for convience again. If you are in your 20's you have alot more time than money so it's best to spend more of the first than the latter.

Say it aint so

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Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:05 pm Post subject: D&D are done..


Last show will be Dec 14th.

FYI, they have a 12 month non-compete in this market.

Seems talks have broken down with Murphy.. unless one side or the other side blinks at the last minute, your looking at only 13 more D&D shows.

It is such a fore gone conclusion that http://www.thedashow.com the next morning show is going to be brought in for a few "fill in shifts" between now and the end..

I'd be very surprised (though not shocked) if Damon wasn't made full time by Jan 2nd

Dammit you CBS I'm taking 97.1 off my preset and never watching Letterman again!

*Confirmed by the Freep

Deminski & Doyle set a departure date
Kansas City host will guest on Detroit's WXYT-AM/FM
November 28, 2007



The eight-year-plus Detroit radio run of WXYT-AM/FM (1270/97.1) morning talkers Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle will apparently end on Dec. 14

The duo's attorney, Mike Novak, said he and the CBS-owned stations general manager Kevin Murphy spoke Wednesday and agreed the final D&D broadcast would be two weeks from Friday.


"Deminski and Doyle are heading for greener pastures, " Novak said, adding "they have made it clear they don't want to work for CBS, which stands for Cheap Beyond Suspicion "

Nice dig Novak

Can't wait to find out where D & D end up so I can begin streaming and downloading the podcasts.

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Today Mitt Romney's son came into WXOU he was a cool guy I asked him if anyone has ever told him his Dad looks like Harvey dent from batman. (two face's non deformed side) he said he hadn't but agreeed that he did because its absolutely true.

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45 million people uninsured in this country and two big news stories in the last few weeks have been the 5 polyps cut out of George W's Bung Hole and Dick Cheney’s magical bionic heart.

Heart Disease and Polyps which could potentially lead to Colon cancer are two conditions which have killed countless other Americans thwarted by an obscene amount of money and privilege buying themselves invincibility to make sure they're alive long enough to further bankrupt the country and paint a bigger bulls-eye on our backs.


Is there anyone more broke than me out there?

After Bills I have 3 Maxed out Credit cards

5.83 left in my bank account

$10 in my pocket
-$10 for filling up my gas tank for work tonight
-$10 because my boss makes us bring our own money to make change for customers
which brings my total net worth for today to a grand total of


oopsie daisy

I got this pre approved Credit card offer in the mail yesterday $450 spending limit with a 36 dollar start up fee 78 dollar maintenance fee and a 150 dollar start up fee why dont they just send me something that says send us 250 dollars for nothing

Theres no such thing as real news

Since January I have been doing an internship, which I would have to wake up extremely early on days I would work until late at night. In between my internship and my job I would turn on cable news channels to get my news once and have some background noise to nap to when the stories would repeat themselves. Never in my life have I been more disgusted or jaded with anything than how we are spoon fed this crap. Here are a few conclusions I have come to and things I think everyone should keep in mind when they're getting their news from TV Radio or newspaper.

*If they're on TV and in a suit chances are they're lying or over exaggerating

*Speaking of over exaggerating news outlets are experts at causing panic and over reactions. Take the Don Imus situation, a rich old white geezer in a cowboy hat said something that Al Sharpton took offense to. Al Sharpton who seems to be an expert at pitting people against each other points a finger at Don Imus assuming that he was appointed the representative for all of white America, for some reason people who have never heard of Don Imus believe Al Sharpton and point the finger back saying "Oh yeah?! Well rappers say hoes" it reminds of when you were a kid and your brother hits you and you hit him back your mother comes and yells at you both which prompts the "He started it" Finger pointing.

*Over reaction since I’m on the Don Imus thing this throw away comment which most younger hipper morning DJs would probably get away with saying has caused such a shit storm that now CBS seems to be firing people for not saying "bless me" after they sneeze, at this rate talk radio is going to become just traffic and weather reports until someone gets offended at the word "rain." But we all know this won't happen because scape goats are chosen by someone i'm guessing advertisers making some people untouchable and able to say anything they want and others an over sensationalized media time bomb waiting to go off. When there’s a tragedy everyone has an opinion and it seems only the most extreme ones seem to get the most attention. The Virginia Tech shootings were a horrid tragedy but a rare circumstance. I understand that 33 people should not have been killed but this "teachers should carry guns" proposal, which is building steam, is just ridiculous and over kill. I would place a money wager that if that legislation was passed it would lead to more than 33 deaths in its first year due to teachers feeling threatened by a student walking up to them with a hand in their pocket assuming that they're going to pull a knife on them. There are people who are allowed to carry guns on campus they're called police and just because the VT police did a crappy job after the first shooting doesn't mean everyone with teaching credentials should be certified to carry a weapon.

*Anna Nicole Smith's baby's father and Alec Baldwin's angry voice mail is not headline news worthy for more than an hour, leave the continuing coverage and dissecting of this stuff to the tabloids and morning radio shows who tell the truth and present themselves as what they are ENTERTAINMENT don't take stories that belong in US weekly and put them on CNN MSNBC or FOXNEWS and present them as news stories that affect any of us.

*News is not news anymore its all about selling ads and selling ads is about getting as many people to watch as possible. This is why Anna Nicole Smith and American Idol get so much coverage on Cable news and even our local news its to get people who find politics and things that actually do affect us boring to watch.

I'm spent