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Get Out of my Head get off of my bed YEAH THATS WHAT I SAID!!!!

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Everyone's Favorite Loser
13 August 1984
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your a dreamcast and i'm atari and i'm a dork for even using that analogy
80's rock, after school #2, alkaline trio, allister, almond chicken, aol instant messanger, beavis and butt-head, beer, being a loser, being lazy, birmingham, bitching, boobs, bump night, butt bowling, cab, chalkboard professionals, cheeseburgers, child development, clone high, complaining, cover songs, dakota poos, deadjournal, degrassi, delivering pizza, deminski and doyle, dookie, dr. seuss, drive thru records, driving around in chuck, driving range, eddie belfour, eddie money, emocapella, enema of the state, eric and carson, even stevens, fall out boy, family feud, fenix tx, fountain hopping, freddy krueger, ghostbusters, glove saves, goofing off, green day, heavyweights, homegrown, horror movies, houston calls, howard stern, hungry howies, hybrid theory, ill mitch, jay and silent bob, jefferson, jets pizza, jump plug, kareokee, katie's hot ass, keasby nights, kick saves, kids in the hall, larger than life, left handed, less than jake, live 971, livejournal, lj interests, message boards, michael jackson, midtown, mindless self indulgence sucks, moaning, motel six, motion city soundtrack, motivational psych, motor city mid-days, mxpx, never heard of it, new found glory, nice defense buddy!, nightmare on elm street, not deja entendu, not dominik hasek, not playing bass well, not reading books, nothing to lose, nufan, old school rap, one hit wonders, parker and the man, phil collins, phoenix plaza, pillow talk, pissing, plain white t's, pop-up video, porn, poser punk, pre school class, pushing in carts, redbull, reggie, richard marx, rise against, rockstar game, routine, rufio, saves the day, scooby doo cereal, screw the leader, self titled, selling out, shakespeare class, shut outs, shuttle bus, singing in my car, sitting on thomas's roof, spanking it, steverinos pizza, sum 41, super power gx, superstitions, taco bell, talk radio, taste(s)like burning, the ataris, the butterfly, the champagne bullet, the grand prix, the movielife, the state, the tongue, the wonder years, tv, wayne's world, weird al, wesley willis, wheres waldo?, yellowcard, your favorite weapon, zso much more

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